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BMCR Over the Hill Criteriums Sunday 24th July

Welcome to the Southend Wheelers 'Over the Hill' races

We are promoting 2 races:

Race 1 for EFGH/W categories, starting at 09:30, duration 1 hour plus 3 laps

Race 2 for ABCD categories, starting at 11:30, duration 1 hour plus 5 laps

Race formats

Both races will be based on the lower circuit (including the 'cut through' before the 'Hoggenberg'). At 20 and 40 minutes a klaxon will sound to indicate a full circuit on the following lap and a prime on the finishing line. The ABCD race will ride full circuits on the final TWO laps (no prime); the EFGH/W race will receive the bell at the cut through and finish on the following lap.

Entries by cash 'on the day' only

Signing on will close 15 minutes before each race

Please ensure your number is pinned in accordance with the photograph at the signing on desk - we cannot guarantee a placing if your number cannot be seen!

Barry Simpson has taken over the organisation of these events from long time LVRC/BMCR Grandee Fred Little, so if Wheelers members are free, pop over to Redbridge (IG6 3HP)to see which Wheelers Vets were on the start line!

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