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We the Wheelers

Happy 100th birthday last year!

The Club was formed in 1923, so last year was a significant birthday! We have a large, active membership and Wheelers members participate in most of the different disciplines of cycle sport, and are all united by the love of riding a bike!

In common with other traditional cycling clubs in Essex we have an active club time trial race programme, and we also promote open events to benefit all racers. Unlike most other Clubs, we have both a Closed-circuit Road Race Day and Track Day in our calendar for members to gain valuable experience at significant cycling venues, or to show off their skills if they are regular users of race circuits or Velodromes!

Our female membership is currently 29% of total membership. We have plans to engage with schools in the Southend, Castle Point and Rochford catchment areas to increase our Youth membership, which currently is below the national average!

For current racers or those aspiring to race, and would like to see their names on the role of honour, we have a large trophy cabinet with perpetual trophies to be won each year across the disciplines and categories. Your name could be added to the roll call of 350 names that are on our 64 trophies!




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