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Trophy cabinet

Silverware of champions and this year's medal winners

Medal winners 2023 - did you take the walk of pride to receive your 2023 club medal(s) from our Guest of Honour Kate Allen this month at the Club Awards night? This is the medal table as a pdf (same as the table above).  Names in green get a medal, those in black (winners) get a trophy.

Perpetual Trophies are listed via this link


There are currently 66 perpetual trophies, though not all are awarded every year. 347  names appear on the perpetual trophies.

Two of the trophies were presented in 1924.

Biographies of the "names" on some Trophies appear below the images of the trophies. A description of all the  trophies is at the bottom of this webpage and also here.

Goss Brothers Cup - presented by Les Goss 1987. Ernie Goss was a prolific Club Champion in the late 1920’s & 1930’s winning the Club TT championship 4 times in a row from 1927-3.  Les was an accomplished trackman and time triallist, who won less club silverware than his brother in the 1930’s. Les was a great supporter of the club in his later life.

Bleriot Trophy - presented by Pete Brown 1976. Pete joined the club in the 1950’s, and after a short racing career was a serial committee member from 1954 – 2002, in which time he ran the best club time trial programme in the club’s history, with immaculate record keeping that we can still enjoy today. He gained the nickname "Bleriot" as he always rode a small motor bike, and with his helmet, goggles and what looked like an aviator's coat, he could have just flown the channel!


Bert Spencer Cup - presented by Len Mathews 1979 and previously the 12-hour Cup that Bert Spencer won outright in 1938. The first 12-hour cup didn’t last long, as it was raced for from 1925, but Freddie Cox won it outright in 1932. The next cup was won outright by Bert.


(Joe) Mignot Trophy – presented 1966. Joe was a member of the Crest CC, a Postman who lived in Ilford but spent his weekends away from his family at his mother’s in Southend and was a regular on club runs & club tt’. After Joe passed away, his widow gave his bike to the club which Dave Hicks sold & the proceeds used to purchase the Mignot Trophy for the handicap championship. Joe was known as “Joe the Postman”.


Tommy Heath 100-mile Cup - presented by Tommy Heath 1925. Tommy was the Club President from 1934-47 and was a founding member of the Wheelers in 1923. He owned a bike shop in Victoria Avenue, Southend for many years, at Victoria Circus. His son Charlie opened a radio & TV shop adjacent to it, after Tommy retired, he closed the cycle business & substituted a record shop. There was a cycle workshop just round the corner in Bradley Street. The original mechanic was Titch Maynard who used to take Wheelers members to open events in Tommy’s van pre-war, in post-war times the mechanic was Frank Barker a past president & another founding member.


Ian Wiekstra Cup - presented 1993. Ian joined the Wheelers from Redbridge CC, and he was a good time trialist, enjoying and winning tt’s and TTT’s.  He lived in the Maldon area.


Arthur Holmes Cup - presented by Arthur Holmes 1948. Arthur formed the Club in 1923, by placing an advert in the Southend Standard, and was the Gen Secretary 1923-25. He was the 2nd Club champion in 1924, Jack Ashley having won in 1923.


Jack Ivory Cup - presented 1946. Jack was a prolific track rider and winner in the 1930’s on local grass tracks and at Herne Hill. He was an RAF pilot and sadly died in World War II.


Ted Parsons Rose Bowl - presented 2001. Ted had a short racing career 1948-53 and was twice the Club 12-hour champion. He was Gen. Secretary in 1954-55, before embarking on a successful business career. He was a long-time patron of the club from 1981-1996. Ted was introduced to the club by George Whybrow (Dave’s Dad) at the request of his father Bill who did work for St Anne’s for whom George was employed, and they all lived in Rochford, so Dave knew Ted from a very early age. His medal collection is owned by the Club.


Bob Haworth Trophies - presented 1979. Bob’s cycling career started when he joined the Wheelers in October 1937, and was a multiple Club, NCU Essex and ECCA champion. He was from Southend & joined the Chelmer only after he Janet and his children Clive, Linda and Susan moved to Chelmsford in 1953 as Bob was an apprentice instructor at Marconi - Malcolm Davis was one of his many pupils. Bob is one of only two riders that has won the club’s shortest and longest championships, the 1-mile Cup and the 12-hour Cup.


Norman Wells Trophy - purchased from donations 1964. Norman was never a racing man, but devoted his life to the club as President, Chairman and Treasurer between 1948-62. He always wore an Olympic blazer from the 1948 Olympics where he had been a timekeeper at the cycling events. He would walk to club events on A127 Eastwood & Vicarage Hill Benfleet from his home in Hollywood Avenue Westcliff & back again in all weathers as he had never ridden a bike.


Ian Henley Cup - purchased from donations 1979. Ian was an enthusiastic roadman for the Wheelers in the 1960’s.


Roy Godbeer Cup - this had been a track cup for the best club performer in the Essex Division track champs and was engraved on the opposite side as the Veterans Road Race cup. Following Roy’s death, the club had the cup reworked and engraved as the Roy Godbeer Veterans Road Race Championship Cup with a new plinth, the original plinth bearing the track & early vet winners names being retained with the club trophy collection.


Andrews Trophy – in memory of Tony Andrews. Presented to the Club by the Chelmer CC 1982. The Andrews Trophy Road Race was a Romford RC promotion which started in 1963. Tony together with his elder brother Brian & parents Jack & Ena we’re all Wheelers members, Tony left the club to join the Zeus RC & then was one of several riders that broke away to form the Romford RC, including Derek Worsley and Fred Little. Following Tony’s death from leukaemia the Andrews Trophy was organised by Romford RC when the promotion passed to the Chelmer CC. The Andrews family were always close to the Haworth family.


Brian Stroud Cup - purchased with donations by employees of C E Heath plc 1983. Brian was a roadman in the 1950’s for the Avenue CRC. Having joined the Wheelers in the 60’s he got the club to share his passion for Cyclo Cross, and his son’s Colin and Adam were also racers.


Lesley Lodemore Cup 1971 - Lesley was a model and local personality who helped promote the Club and present prizes in the 70’s. The Trophy, along with many other club cups, were donated by long time club benefactor May Bruton of Tunbridge Road Cycles.

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