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Virtual Rides

Embracing the virtual world, Southend Wheelers offer group rides and racing opportunities

Laptop and Heaphones

Virtual riding

A new world of cycling

Taking the 19th Century concept of indoor riding and giving it a 21st Century upgrade allowing you to ride around the world and in new virtual worlds

Virtual riding was building slowly but the covid lockdowns saw an explosion of interest in virtual riding using platforms such as Zwift, RGT and Rouvy.  Southend Wheelers host our virtual rides using the Zwift platform

Our Zwift Club is set up and ready for you to join

On the Zwift Companion App find one of;

John Gretton SWCC   /   M Stock (SWCC)

Barry Simpson (SWCC)   /   Victor Smith BKK (SWCC)

and they will add you to the club

Using Discord, we are able to communicate during rides and races

Download Discord and join the club channel using this link

Our friends at East Essex Tri Club have put together multiple successful, fun and well organised team that take part in the WTRL team time trials on a weekly basis


Do you want to join us for a virtual ride?

If you have read this far then I imagine you are interested in joining us for a virtual ride.  Below you will find a diagram to guide you on what software you need in order to join us.  There is also some hardware guidance to give you a starting point.  Do your own research, speak to our members who ride virtually and see what people recommend

How to join.png

Virtual software summary

What equipment do you need?

You will need a bike that can be connected to the Zwift app on your chosen device

Zwift works on your computer, laptop, smartphone and/or tablet so you should be able to use your preferred option

As for what you ride, your options are vast so we have tried to condense them a bit for ease of reading

Smart bikes - These are the traditional style indoor static bikes that then have the ability to connect to third party apps such as Zwift. 

Smart trainers – These are the turbo trainers that calculate your power and cadence and communicates it directly to the Zwift app. They also adjust the resistance based on the gradient of the terrain you are riding on

Dumb trainer/Rollers – The trainer or rollers you use are just allowing you to cycle on the spot. You therefore need some devices to connect to Zwift. This could be your power meter crank or a cadence sensor for example

Deciding what equipment you will use will primarily come down to budget.  No matter your setup, if you can get online, you can join us for a virtual ride

For more information, ask one of the existing members who take part in the virtual rides or use the below links for information.

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