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Cyclists on a Break

Club run Welfare

Our duty of care

Managing youth and vulnerable adults on club runs

1.   All ride leaders should have information regarding who is in their group i.e., via registration and in the case of youth riders a parental/guardian contact telephone number

2.   All under 18s’ must have parental or guardian permission to attend, this can be annually

3.   All parents or guardians should be available to bring their children out to and collect from club runs. Where possible they should be encouraged to join in.


Mileage, certainly for youth riders should be restricted and taking advice from a Club coach as of 01/06/2022, who has spoken with British Cycling on this subject, and has suggested the following:

Juniors - 16-18 years of age – up to 50* miles – Youths - 14-16 years of age – up to 40* miles

*This is a guide, but mileage should not exceed the distance by more than 5 miles in each case. 

·       Ride leaders need to ensure that they plan for this in their group rides.

·       Any youth rider who wishes to ride higher mileage should make a request to do so and this should be agreed by committee and the ride leaders.

Other points to consider

·       Ride leaders should have a CRB check if regularly riding with youth or vulnerable adults

·       To ensure the balance and structure of a group ride, there should be an induction for new riders in group riding i.e., riding in a group; following a wheel; general bike handling skills, changing in a line

·    Ride leaders should seek first aid training (a requirement under the BC training option)


·        Ideally, we should publish the route, stating the duration or length of the ride and the ride category (i.e., speed), GPS data link may not be inclusive for all members? 

·       All rides should be non-drop rides, including training rides

Youth riders and club members

All youth riders should be taken to and from events by their parents. Club members should be aware of the position that they place themselves in when carrying youth riders to and from events including club runs, TT’s etc.

Note to committee members/ride leaders

Parents are legally responsible for their children up to the age of 18. When a youth rider comes out to an event of any description organised by the club, the club is taking on that duty of care. This means that we cannot leave a youth rider or vulnerable adult who has punctured at the side of the road, nor can we leave them a café stop to await collection by a parent or guardian. We are responsible to ensure that they get home safely.

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