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Club rides

Riding with friends

Club runs are the beating heart of most cycling clubs and a great way to enter the sport of cycling, explore new routes, and participate in the more leisurely aspect of cycling with a group of like-minded friends.

We hold weekly club runs of several groups of different distances and speeds to suit the riders and conditions on the day, each managed by our experienced and trained club-run leaders, see colour options at the bottom of this page for details.

On the first weekend of most summer months, we hold a club open weekend providing the opportunity for women to join our women only rides on a Saturday and for everyone to join our club runs on Sunday. You will find these rides advertised on our Facebook page


But of course, you don’t have to wait until the start of each month, as you can email our Ride Coordinator Kevin Smith to check that a ride is taking place on the forthcoming weekend. When we have a big event like the Norman Wells 50 mile time trial, the Andrews Trophy Road Race, the club road race day, and club track day, there are no official rides on those days.


Most weeks our club runs start and finish from Canewdon village hall, but occasionally we may need to move these, we will let you know ahead of time – keep an eye on our events calendar, social media and news page.

Youth riders 12 years + It may be necessary for a parent to accompany their child on a club run until they are strong enough to complete a ride, and parents will need to transport their child to the start of the ride, and collect them afterwards. Parents can make use of smart phone technology to track their child's progress and work out an ETA!

Canewdon Village Hall

Lambourne Hall Road





Parking available

Hot drinks and cake await you at the end of your ride


Further information email:

Club ride options

Green Ride

10 - 12mph

A gentle ride for novices for whom riding in a group might be a new experience, or those returning to cycling after a long time away. Around 1-1.5 hours duration, at a speed around 10-12mph, or to the speed of the slowest rider. (No drop ride).

Blue Ride

12 - 14mph

An easy ride for recreational and leisure riders, but for whom riding in a group might be a new experience. Around 2-2½ hours duration, at a speed around 13-14mph. (No drop ride).

Orange Ride

14 - 16mph

For the fitter rider who is used to group riding, where each rider will rotate in the group and spending some time at the front of the bunch. Around 2½ - 3 hours duration, at speed around 14-16mph. (No drop ride).

Red Ride

15 - 18mph

A traditional club-run for riders used to riding and rotating in the group. Around 2½ -3 hours duration, at a speed around 15-18mph. (No drop ride).

Black Ride

18-20 + mph

A training ride for experienced riders, used to riding at pace in a close continual rotating group, used by many as a race training ride. More than 3 hours duration, at a speed above 18-20+mph. (As this is a training ride, riders should accept that they may get dropped).

Alternative options

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Traffic Cone


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