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How can you help us?

Our Club, Open and Association events can only take place with the help and assistance of club members so please let me know what events you can help out with, from the table below. Please nominate 3 events that you can volunteer for, the reality is that I will only need you to marshal a couple of events if everyone volunteers but I may use your 3rd choice if the other dates have been filled.

We have roles to suit everyone from driving lead cars, timekeeping, signing on, marshals and serving the refreshments so please say if you have a preference. Or if you can't give up the time to stay for the whole event, let us know and we can assign roles for an early start and finish. 

If you are new to the club we can also pair you up with a more experienced club member who can show you the ropes, it's a great way to meet other club members and see the events that we organise. Under 18’s cannot fulfil a marshalling role.

Our biggest events are the Andrews Trophy Road Race and the Norman Wells 50-mile Time Trial. Please consider helping at these events as these are our showcase events that require the most  support. There are few clubs left in Essex that promote both an Elite Road Race and a Classic Time Trial!

The Andrews Trophy Road Race is a fantastic event which started in 1963, and most of the marshalling jobs on this race allow you to get a glimpse of the race and see some of the top riders in action as it's an Elite 1st, 2nd and 3rd category race. Trevor Mills is the Race organiser - e mail here  Alex Dowsett raced in this event on his way to World Tour status.

The Open 50-mile time trial started in 1927 and then again in 1955 with the "Norman Wells Trophy" status in 1964 and is organised by Arthur Knowler, e mail here Again this is another event that requires a large number of marshals on route so please also consider volunteering for this event as well. It’s a nice early start so you’ll be home for lunch! In the 1960’s Competition record was broken 3 times and equalled once in this event. In 2023 the event will also be the CTT National 50 mile Championship, based in Writtle.

Some marshalling duties will still enable you to ride to the marshalling point, or volunteer and then ride in the event itself so please ask if you would like to do this. There are volunteering opportunities at British Cycling and there are timekeeping opportunities if you e mail Cycling Time Trials here.

Please e-mail nominating your events.

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