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How to join

To join (or rejoin) Southend Wheelers please visit our membership page on the British Cycling (BC) website If you have not previously been a member of BC you can get discounted membership of BC for your first year.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES FROM 1ST JANUARY ANNUALLY: The Club annual membership fees are:

Senior (Over 18 years) £23.00 *

Senior Citizen (60 and over) £15.00 *

Spouses or Partners £30.00 *

Spouses or Partners (60 and over) £18.00 *

Family (Parent(s) & under 18’s) £33.00 *

Junior (16 - 18 years) £6.00 *

Youth (up to 16 years) £6.00 *

Social/Virtual £12.00*

* New members joining for the first time after 1st July may pay the appropriate subscription pro-rata to the end of the membership year 

Membership Form: If you don’t wish to join via the BC Membership portal  Click here to download a membership form. However, the details entered on your membership form will be uploaded to the BC Porta by the Membership Secretary, as the Club use the portal for e mail communication with members. You will have access to (and can update) your details on the BC Portal.

Please note that by joining the club you are agreeing to your data being shared with committee members to allow them to fulfil their duties. By entering any race or time trial you are agreeing to your name, performance and race category being published with the results.

Insurance: Please be aware that membership of Southend Wheelers does not include any legal aid or insurance benefits. It is your responsibility to take out membership of one of the organisations which offer legal aid and 3rd party insurance, such as British Cycling, British Triathlon or Cycling UK, to sufficiently cover your cycling activities. You will need BC, BT or CUK membership to compete in Club time trials. BC also offer personal accident insurance with Gold Membership. Please follow this link for case studies of the benefits of British Cycling insurance.

Facebook Page: Southend Wheelers run a closed Facebook Group at when requesting to join, please allow the administrators time to grant you access. Note that only current members will be accepted into the group.

Club Rules: All members agree to adhere to the Club Rules  (revised November 2022)  Club Constitution: Click here for the Club Constitution  (revised November 2022). You need to be a site member for access to these documents.

Committee Meetings: The Committee generally meets on the 3rd Friday of each month. If you have any items that you wish to raise with the Committee you may do so through the Members' Rep - Kevin Smith  email:

Marshalling: Under the rules of the Club, all current senior members are required to carry out a minimum of 3 duties at events. Please refer to the marshalling page for a list of requirements and the current status of volunteers for each event.

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