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Easter Egg 10

The race for chocolate

The Easter Egg 10 kick starts the Southend Wheelers Time Trial calendar.  Sign on from 8am

Seasoned riders get the chance to see where their winter miles and training have got them.

Those new to Time Trials have the chance to try at an open and friendly event.  We will help you prepare, enter and ride the event.

Event details


Canewdon Village Hall, Lambourne Hall Rd, SS4 3PG


Monday 1st April 2024


Sign on 8:00am - 8:30am

First rider starts at 9:00am

Plenty of chances to win with 16 winner prizes up for grabs!

Time Trial Bike Category

  • Youth (Under 16) (Open and Female)

  • Junior (16 - 18) (Open and Female)

  • Senior (19 - 39) (Open and Female)

  • Veteran (40+) (Open and Female)

Road Bike Category

  • Youth (Under 16) (Open and Female)

  • Junior (16 - 18) (Open and Female)

  • Senior (19 - 39) (Open and Female)

  • Veteran (40+) (Open and Female)

Disabled Categories

We support all athletes regardless of physical ability.

Disabled categories will be based on the riders that sign on.

  • Youth (Under 16) (Open and Female)

  • Junior (16 - 18) (Open and Female)

  • Senior (19 - 39) (Open and Female)

  • Veteran (40+) (Open and Female)

We are using the E36/10 course.  Full details on the CTT website here

Ready to enter?

Pre-entry is available here

New to time trials?

Tempted to give it a go?

Maybe you have questions/worries?

We are here for you.

In order to try and put on the best event we can, we asked our members for their feelings and concerns before their first time trial  and below are some of their concerns and also what we are doing to help.

"I can't compete with those fast riders"

Watching the fastest riders going around the course, whilst impressive, it can also be intimidating.  Luckily, you don't have to keep up with them! 

The beauty of time trialling is that it is


Come along, set yourself a time. If you enjoy it (we believe you will) and race again, you can set yourself a target of beating that time.

"I am worried about getting lost out on the course"

Noone wants to get lost and especially so when racing against the clock.  We have marshals at the start line, finish line and every turn between the two.

If you want to see the course on a map, course details are on the CTT website

How about this, come out and try the course with us

The best way to know the course is by joining us in riding it.  Join us to ride the course on 17th March.  Meet us at the HQ (Canewdon Village Hall, SS4 3PG) and we will take you round the course.

Try the course ride

"I want to give it a go but I have no idea what I need to do"

We are available to help you through this whole event.

Before hand, use this handy guide to help you prepare.

On the day, arrive in plenty of time so you can sign on, get your race numbers, warm up and then it is race time.  There will be people everywhere that can help.  Look for anyone with Southend Wheelers kit/clothing on and they will be more than happy to help.

After the race we will celebrate the winners whilst enjoying a hot drink and cake!

Still have questions and/or concerns?  Contact the event organiser, Matthew by email.

"You have convinced me, how do I sign up?"

Great to have you join us.  You have two options;

You can sign on and pay on the day.  It really is as simple as turning up, signing on and riding.

Want to remove having to pay on the day?  You can sign up in advance and secure an early start time by buying your ticket on the event page here

See you on 1st April!

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