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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Sunday 19th November Heritage/Nostalgia ride

This is our destination to recreate the 1924 group photo at bottom of this news page.

Two group photos will be taken on the morning of the Centenary Buffet for the Club archive.

One group photo will be at Chalkwell Park SS0 8NB at 10:00hrs, where the club evening training bash used to leave every Tuesday and Thursday. At the junction of A13 London Road and Chalkwell Avenue.

Riders will then ride to a second photo at Clifftown Shore, Western Esplanade SS1 1FU, where we will recreate the 1924 group photo of founder members(below). This was when Calcutts Restaurant was on site, redeveloped as The Esplanade Pub, and now a luxury block of apartments. This will be at 10:20hrs.

This photo at Clifftown Shore might attract guests attending the Centenary Buffet, who are not out for a ride. However, could all those who want to be in the photo please wear a club top!

Club runs that may have started earlier could time their ride to arrive in time for the Clifftown Shore photo, and those that met at 10:00hrs at Chalkwell Park could continue on some of the training bash route.

You don't need to book in advance, just turn up!

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