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Milk Race 1961 came to Southend - in the month of June!

On 5 June 1961, the first ever cycle race on Western Esplanade, Southend on Sea arrived on the seafront having started in Nottingham 153 miles away. The winner that day was Allan Perkins, part of a 5-rider winning break. The average speed for the stage was 23.5 mph.

Allan beat Valentin Uriona to the stage win, but the Spaniard took the leaders jersey. There had been intermediate sprints along the route, with Bill Seggar (East Region) taking the sprints in Baldock and Chelmsford, and Perkins winning in Rayleigh before his second win of the day on the seafront.

This is Allan next to the commemorative poster that is part of the 100 years of Cycling on sea exhibition, that moves from Café TwentyOne this week, to Southend Forum library art space in Elmer Approach, SS1 1NS.

All the race vehicles were from Essex as well, provided by Ford Motor Company. They all had Essex registrations.

A traditional pint of Milk for the stage winner.

From the Milk Race booklet published after the event.

Valentin Uriona (Spain) is awarded the Leaders jersey

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