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Moments in our club history

29 April 1973, A Festival of Cycle Racing

Yardley’s circuit (Basildon Industrial Estate, Pipps Hill)

1973 was the year of the Club’s Golden Jubilee and the year they promoted a Festival of Cycle Racing, a series of road race criteriums, around what was then known as the Yardley’s circuit.

The three events on the day; Aspirants Trophy Criterium; Southend Senior Criterium; Southend Jubilee Grand Prix Professional Criterium, saw some of the biggest names in the day competing across the events; Hugh Porter (Current World Professional Pursuit Champion), Vin Denson, Bob Downs, Sid Barras (1st London-Battle-London 1973), Reg Smith (National pursuit champion) to name just a few, with many professional trade teams of the day Holdsworth-Campagnolo, Falcon-Tighe, Ron Kitching, TI Raleigh, SKOL, Jack Herne Cycles and Geoffrey Butler Cycles supporting the event.

The club was well represented in the Aspirants Trophy with Dave Whybrow, Colin Humphreys, Pete Driscoll, Don Edwards, Roger Tasker, Dave Watson and Terry Butcher, whilst in the Senior criterium Andy Senatore was flying the flag for the club.

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