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Roy Godbeer Memorial non-aero 10-mile time trial

Wednesday 8 June

This event is in memory of Roy “Spit” Godbeer (1929-2015). When Roy started road racing in the 1950’s the bunch and changing room banter would normally decide a nickname for each rider, so there must have been an occasion when Roy was awarded his.

Roy rode at the top level in British Road Racing in the 50’s, for the now defunct Comet CC.

He won the Club’s 2nd ever road race promotion on 4th May 1956 called the Mid Essex Road Race. This was an event the Club promoted on behalf of the Zeus RC, who were banned from promoting that year! The organiser was Bernard Broad.

Roy had a great pedalling style, and the only time he used the inner ring was when he needed to clean the outer ring!

He was an influence on several Wheelers riders due to his depth of knowledge of the road racing game, especially at Eastway where a roadside comment or info would help the younger Wheeler vets who were racing the same day. He collected numerous age group titles and medals with BC, LVRC and TLI as he continued to race into his 80’s.

He was also a Master joiner, with the demand for his skills amongst club members and other bikies in the building trade meant and extended working career alongside his cycling career.

Like many riders of his generation, a low pro tt bike passed him by, and he always competed in Club TT’s on his standard road bike. The non-aero TT on Wednesday upholds Roy strong belief! The rider number 1 on the start sheet will be R Godbeer, so join him on the start line and "Ride for Roy"

Fremnells Cup - Originally awarded for the Fremnells Memorial Road Race, at Hanningfield

1972 Mick Gibson Maldon & District CC

1973 Andy Grant Southend & County Wheelers

1974 Ken Robinson Paddington CC

Non aero 10-mile TT

2006 George Wood 25:15

2007 George Wood 24:56

2008 David Bryant 16:44 (6.62m short course)

2009 David Bryant 25:06

2010 Mike Hennessy 26:50

2011 Robin Bevan 26:11

2012 Simon Alexander 23:35

2013 Martin Elms 25:57

2014 James Jenkins 25:44

2015 James Jenkins 24:00

2016 James Jenkins 23:18

2017 Jamie Maidment 25:10

2018 Paul Hughes 24:36

2019 Dave Pennington 25:29

2020 Not awarded

2021 James Lonergan 24.04

No of wins

James Jenkins 3

David Bryant 2

George Wood 2

Dave Pennington 1

James Lonergan 1

Jamie Maidment 1

Martin Elms 1

Mike Hennessy 1

Paul Hughes1

Robin Bevan 1

Simon Alexander 1

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