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A classic day of racing.

Andrews Trophy

James Ambrose-Parish (TAAP Kalas) take the victory in the Andrews Trophy

A cold, wet and windy morning greeted the riders for the Andrews Trophy the first event of the day. The National B event, open to senior male Elite, 1st, 2nd & 3rd category riders, with an international team from China (Bodywrap (China) Team) also competing and making their first outing in the UK, started in a downpour of heavy rain.

Within the few laps, seven riders had broken away from the rest of the field, a break which was to grow every lap. By the halfway point in the race there were three distinct groups on the road, the original seven riders, followed by a larger group some 40 seconds behind, with the remainder of the field a further 2 mins behind.

By the time the break turned into Pan Lane, and with the finish just over a mile ahead, it was an all-out effort by the riders as they proceeded up the long drag to the finish. The final sprint to the line saw James Ambrose-Parish (TAAP Kalas) take the victory, over second place Clay Davies (Ride Revolution Coaching), and third place to Isaac Wright (Team TMC).


The top 10 finishes were:

1st James Ambrose-Parish (TAAP Kalas); 2nd Clay Davies (Ride Revolution); 3rd Isaac Wright (Team TMC); 4th Morris Bacon (DAAP Cycling Club); 5th Edward Calow (Royal Air Force CA)          

6th Henry Foster (Le Col Race Team); 7th Colin Ward (Primo RT); 8th Ken Buckley (Team BPC Flowbio); 9th Toby Langstone (Le Col Race Team); 10th Wang Kuicheng (Bodywrap(China))

Florrie Newbery Classic

Molly Patch (The Phoenix Collective), celebrates her win in the Florrie Newbery Classic

By the time the afternoon had arrived, the rain had stopped, the roads were drying out, the wind had picked up a little, and the temperature had risen a few degrees, all in time for the inaugural (Women’s) Florrie Newbery Classic. With the agreement of the riders the race distance was reduced slightly to 80km (50 miles), and so the event started fast, shedding a few riders off the back of the field in the first six miles.

Lap four, two riders Molly Patch (The Phoenix Collective) and Dannielle Watkinson (Jadan) had broken clear with five second lead, and working well together this gap gradually grew over the the chasing bunch with every lap, to the point that for large parts of the course they were out of sight. This is how the race remained, both riders taking turn to put in the effort, until the last lap, when Molly’s strength proved too much for Dannielle and the two split. The final climb up Pan Lane, assisted by a tail wind gave Molly the time to celebrate her win in style. Dannielle, finishing shortly after was also able to celebrate her second place in similar style, whilst the remaining podium place came down to a dramatic sprint with ⁠Louise Wren (Primo RT) beating Harri Martin (Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT) by a bike length, taking third place in the process.

1st  ⁠Molly Patch (The Phoenix Collective); 2nd ⁠Dannielle Watkinson (Jadan); 3rd Louise Wren (Primo RT); 4th Harri Martin (Wolfox x Pedal Mafia RT); 5th ⁠Leonie Harper (Femme Fidem Cycling Club); 6th Bianca Green (Femme Fidem Cycling Club); 7th ⁠Mathilde Pauls (FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing); 8th Kimmae Payn (Army Cycling Union); 9th Louise Moriarty (Private Entry); 10th Gemma Lord (Femme Fidem Cycling Club).

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