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Joe Brooks (Halesowen C&AC) wins the Andrews Trophy in style

Racing was fast from the outset, with riders lapping the 9.5km course in 12 mins or less. Lap one and a lone rider was making the most of the tailwind up Pan Lane to move away from the bunch. By lap two a small group had broken from the main bunch, and this was the theme until midway through the race when a medium-sized group of around 12 riders formed a break that was to last, gaining time on the main bunch every lap.

By the time they turned into Pan Lane for the uphill finish, one rider, Joe Brooks (Halesowen C&AC) already had a clear lead over from the initial break and was able to celebrate his win in. The waiting crowd had to wait a further 40+ seconds, to witness the sprint for second place which went to Joshua Avery (Ride Revolution), and third to Oliver Hucks (Kalas Motip.

The full result list reads:

1st Joe Brooks (Halesowen C&AC); 2nd Joshua Avery (Ride Revolution); 3rd Oliver Hucks (Kalas Motip); 4th James O’Connell (BC Member); 5th Jacob Avery (Ride Revolution); 6th Jake Hales (Ride Revolution); 7th Sebastian Gary (Kalas Motip); 8th Monte Guerrini (Le Col RT); 9th Tobias Daulhaus (Foran CCC); 10th Simon Skinner (Paceline RT); 11th Ethan Rowell (University of Bath); 12th Lance Childs (TAAP Endura); 13th Alexander Spiers (TAAP Endura); 14th Timothy Torrie (Train Sharp Elite); 15th Benjamin Hellebo (Wheelsuckers); 16th Clay Davies (Ride Revolution); 17th George Mitchell (Foran CC); 18th Alex Cross (Velo Schils); 19th Colin Ward (Essex Roads CC); 20th Oliver Hurdle (Stolen Goat); 21st Adam Robertson (Ride Revolution); 22nd Harvey Macgartre (TAAP Endura); 23rd Lois Digance; Jeremy Perks; Frank Longstaff; Andrew Kerr; Phil Williams; Mark Richards; Dominic Schils; Charlie Mactear; Harley Matthews; Rhys Howells and Kieron Jarvis – all at 1 lap

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