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Moments from our club history

Welcome to 2022, our 99th year, and in the lead-up to our 100th anniversary in 2023, we continue to review the key moments and the characters which have helped our club that it is today.

This month we look at three key moments, all of which took place in January

January 1932 The club name changes from 'Southend Wheelers' to 'Southend and County Wheelers' and the roundel is redesigned to also reflect this change. At the same time, the Junior section – Butterfly Wheelers is integrated in to the mainstream club

January 1962 The club ‘wasp’ jersey was adopted as the official club jersey (5 vertical stripe design)

January 2000 The club name changes its name back to Southend Wheelers and our current club jersey was introduced. The jersey design included the M2000 mark celebrating the start of the new millennium, later removed on updates.

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